Norfolk Southern Bridge over Swabia Creek

Trumbull & Structural Services

Our task during the Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) of Norfolk Southern Bridge RV24.81 over Swabia Creek in Lebanon, Pennsylvania was to temporarily support 2 large assemblies while allowing a completely open span underneath to accommodate site work and relocation of the panel assemblies. Once the site work was completed the assemblies would need to be transported a short distance before erection could begin.

We used 4 5’ Static-Towers with grillage assemblies and set them on perpendicular beams to solve the temporary support issue. Once they were in place we were able to span the entire work area with large cap beams, providing a sizeable and stable surface upon which to place the panel assemblies.

Our custom transport system, which consists of heavy duty self-propelled house-moving dollies with a steel-framed platform, was critical in moving the panel assemblies once site work had been completed. After the weight of the assemblies was removed, the towers were easily removed and the dolly was able to be rolled into place.

The towers ultimately saved the contractors time and effort by reducing the amount of material, setup, and design work needed for the temporary supports.