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HYDRA 1000™

HYDRA 1000 was developed specifically to support heavy bridge loads to facilitate pier rehabilitation and bearing replacements; however, they are equally effective for steel erection and emergency response situations.

HYDRA 1000is a patented system capable of extensibility from approximately 10’ to 18’ with a rated vertical load capacity of 1,000 kips and rated lifting capacity of 100 kips. The unit can be pinned at 6” increments within the range of extensibility.  Each pin is rated at 125 kips shear resistance; therefore, 2 pins are required per leg to reach the rated vertical load capacity of 1,000 kips, 1 pin per leg equates to a reduced capacity of 500 kips per tower. Setup and removal times are fast and easy, ideal for bearing replacement and emergency response; additionally, the hydraulics can be used to make fine adjustments for better alignment to streamline steel erection fit up and connectivity while promoting safety.  A self-propelled chassis is available upon request.

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