HYDRA 1000

HYDRA 1000™ was developed specifically to support heavy bridge loads to facilitate pier rehabilitation and bearing replacements; however, they are equally effective for steel erection and emergency response situations.

HYDRA 800™

HYDRA 800™ towers were conceived to replace the crude and cumbersome climbing jacks used in many Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) projects; however, their use is only limited by their lifting capacity.

STATIC 1000™

STATIC 1000™ is a heavy-duty shoring system capable of virtually any configuration with easy-bolt connections to allow for fast assembly and disassembly. These towers, bents, and column legs go together like an erector set and can be stacked or combined with other types of towers and components for additional versatility.


Heavy-duty shoring system capable of virtually any configuration. Features easy-bolt connections to allow for fast assembly and disassembly.


STATIC 600™ modules are prefabricated and preassembled in 5’ and 10’ tall units with a rated vertical load capacity of 720 kips. Each module consists of 4 legs spaced 3 feet on center with an out-to-out dimension of 3’10” at columns and 4’6” at the top and bottom bearing plates. Module units weigh approximately 2,123 and 3,802 pounds, respectively.

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