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STATIC 600™ is a general-purpose shoring tower with a relatively small footprint to allow support on existing substructure footings, which helps to avoid the possibility of differential settlement. It is also ideal for constricted roadways because it can reduce the impact to traffic. These towers are the lightest within our product line, enabling easy maneuverability in the field. Bents (2 legs) and single-column legs are also available for even easier handling and tighter constraints depending upon your project needs.

STATIC 600™ modules are prefabricated and preassembled in 5’ and 10’ tall units with a rated vertical load capacity of 720 kips. Each module consists of 4 legs spaced 3 feet on center with an out-to-out dimension of 3’10” at columns and 4’6” at the top and bottom bearing plates. Module units weigh approximately 2,123 and 3,802 pounds, respectively.

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